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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here. Ignore the dust and construction signs around here as I recently moved the site to a new host (and a new platform) and you’ll see some minor changes going on over the next few weeks as I finish up some last few tasks here.

Since I last posted here, I release three new apps on the iOS platform, Hawaii Transit, Dallas Transit and Austin Transit. I’ve also updated the paid version of the iOS Phoenix Transit app with bus data (not just light rail any more). The free iOS app and both Android apps will be updated soon. All the iOS apps will not only be updated with the latest light rail and bus data, but with support for the new iPhone 5 screen size.

We’re planning on rolling out some more apps this year, some transit and some non-transit. So keep your eyes open. And let us know if there is anything you’d like to see added to our existing apps.

Happy Holidays (whatever Holidays you celebrate) and have a great New Year.

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Free (with ads) or paid apps


I assume most people have seen the study from a couple months ago about mobile ads. Research has shown that while ad supported apps are usually free, you can’t get away from basic economics. The ads themselves have been shown to severely impact battery usage and cause the phone to run out of battery much sooner. While, I don’t want to force people to pay for data if they don’t wish to, I do want to give people who value battery life an option. Well, actually two options.

First there is the paid versions of the Phoenix Light Rail Timetable (iTunes and Android). This removes ads and lets you save your battery for more important things.

Second the iPhone free app has an in-app purchase to allow you to remove ads. Don’t worry Android folks, I’m working on the in-app purchase for Android devices as well.

So, it’s up to you now. Free app or longer battery life. It’s yours to choose.

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Bug Fixes


I’ve fixed a few bugs in both versions of the app recently and just wanted to point out what was fixed. Please let me know if you find any other issues, so that I can address them.

iPhone version 1.1
– Displayed both East and West Bound times when you are looking at a Route. Fixed to display just the correct one

iPhone version 1.2
– Fixed error with the Station information about whether there is a ParkĀ  & Ride or Transit Center at that station. A coding bug made it look like both are at every station
– Added Spanish Language support.

Android version 1.2
– Fixed bug that crashed the app when you looked at a station between midnight and 5am on Sunday mornings.

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iPhone App Release


Sorry, about the delay, but our iPhone version of the Phoenix Light Rail Timetable is now available in the App Store. Enjoy and let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

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Android app release


Aleody is proud to announce the release our first app. Phoenix Light Rail Timetable is now active in the Android market. Free of charge, you can find the time and stations for the Phoenix Metro Light Rail.

Android Market
Mobile Link

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